Evan Lovett

Art Educator & Advocate

As the creative director and cofounder of the art advocacy nonprofit V.U.R.T. (Visual Urban Renewal & Transformation)Evan Lovett has a unique perspective on being an artist. Embarking on his professional career at the young age of 15, Evan has since never stopped or slowed down. Having been through art apprenticeships, internships and traditional training at one of the countries largest universities dedicated solely to the arts, he has the experience and knowledge to talk about both commercial and fine art careers.

Evan speaking at Grice Middle School

Evan speaking at Grice Middle School

When speaking to an audience, Evan takes time to cater the content specifically to the interest of the crowd, what ever ages they may be, and he does so with passion and experience to support it. Typically he begins small and approachable, asking the audience for their definition of an artist. As discourse unfolds, their minds are opened to the vast influences that artists have on the visual landscape of world around them.


“Artists have a hand in creating everything you see around you that isn’t made by nature. Something as simple as the your t-shirt on your back, for instance. At least three different types of artists had a part in creating that shirt. A fashion designer made the decision of what material it was to be made of and the size and shape it should be, a graphic design or illustrator came up with the image that’s on it, and a screen printer applied that image to the fabric. All so it would look cool and different and stand out amongst all the other shirts”- Evan


As a believer in the importance of creative thinking, Evan Lovett has dedicated his life to exercising this mission and sharing his knowledge and art with future thinkers. Creating art is not limited to those that are told they have talent. It is a cultivation of skills that can be learned, practiced and honed. But none of which can be possible without igniting a spark of interest in expression and creation.

It is just as important to encourage everyone, not just children, to dream, question and challenge ideas in the world around them. To explore their imagination and manifest thoughts in a way that is unique to their own personal experience and perspective.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried and succeeded in many artistic and creative endeavors through my life. Creating art has brought me around the world to places I never thought I’d see. I’ve met and worked with some truly amazing and inspiring people. None of that would have been possible if not for someone introducing me to art as a child. And not just in a way that got my hands dirty, although that played a part, but in letting me know where it could possibly lead”


With that in mind, Evan places heavy importance on the need to both create and educate in order to inform other young artists about the role they play in how our world looks.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Evan Lovett and his non-profit V.U.R.T in the development of several of our school’s murals over the past few years. We found it to be a valuable and engaging exercise for some of our art students to learn about real life application of art and the creative process. First, Evan captured their attention with a presentation in which he explained the materials and techniques that he uses in his production of art. Then, he sat with them to discuss their goals and ideas for a student led school mural. As the discussion and dialog unfolded it was clear to see how Evan used the students’ responses about design and color choices to develop a preliminary sketch that would ultimately become an amazing mural for our students to paint.

Evan has taken his passion for art and has successfully translated it into a process for teaching and collaborating with staff and students. His designs are inspiring and engaging as they immediately capture the attention or our students, staff, and community. We hope to be able to continue our working relationship with Evan in the future!”

-C.P. Middle School Vice Principal

The preferred process 

Start off with an initial mural designed and painted by Evan in your facility. The purpose of this inaugural mural is to inspire and shock. But the shock does not come from the content but by the execution and courage of the faculty to allow such a vibrant change to the environment. Since the majority of murals seen here are  painted with aerosols, it’s best to have it done after school hours. And can usually be done in one night. 
A video of the process can be recorded and later shared and or live streamed for students/faculty and community members to view. 
(The mural design will of course be reviews and approved and appropriately budgeted prior to execution.) 

Paint process:
First the team will prep the floors and surrounding areas with tape plastic and drop clothes to ensure there is no overspray or unwanted mess. 
Then if necessary prime and paint the background of the mural using bucket paint. (Most interior walls are all ready to be painted)
Next the team will project and sketch on the design. 
From there, depending on the particular details of the design it will be painted backgrounds forward with aerosol paint and some small brush work. 
This method is used to ensure the spreed and technical details that their work is known for. 
Lastly after about 30 min for any paint to dry and vapor to dissipate, the team will wrap up the plastic a uncover any masked areas and the job is done. 

Note that with these proven methods most average sized hallways can be completed within 3-5hrs. 

After the completion of the mural a reflective period of a week is recommended for the mural to be adopted as part of the accepted visual landscape, how ever much the new artwork may stand out. This is the best time for a presentation. Although it is possible for such a presentation to be done the following day. As Buzz about the new mural is still fresh. 
The presentation can be catered to fill any allotted time frame but is usually about 35-45min long. A projector and screen is preferred if provided but can also be arranged to be brought by the team. 

Presentation outline:
-Short introduction of Evan 
-audience engagement (questions)
-artistic biography accompanied by visual aids. 
-brief description of artistic concentrations and explanation of the differences between commercial and traditional fine art. 
-Q&A with the audience. 

After the presentation is given to the student body or a select group of students  interested in the arts, a more Intimate workshop with students and teachers interested about mural creation can be met with. The average time needed for this workshop is 30min -3hrs depending on the size of attendance and skill level of those involved. The purpose of the workshop can be to educate and or prepare the students to design and paint a mural of there own (with teacher assistance and direction) or to come up with ideas and concepts for the our team to take and create a mural design for the students to paint with step by step instructions.

Workshop outline:
-discuss composition theory and mural aesthetics.
-learn the 3part part system to concept building.
-talk about materials and tools of the trade.
-application process. 

Paint mural. $5-10 per square ft
Murals done after school hours, usually takes on night

Give talk. $200-$800
To art students about commercial and fine art careers with PowerPoint.

Do workshop $200-$800
Work with students to help concept and design a mural. Leave with step by step formula for students to paint with teacher assistance.