The Following pieces are from the DEVOID series a split show with Nick Baxter shown at Arch Enemy Art in Piladelphia               9\1\17 - 10\1\17

The world moves, time passes and things change. This unceasing march creates zones of human disuse, countless nearby locations that the world has moved past and left behind. Like memories forgotten, they are civilization’s casualties of progress, often situated in the overgrown areas just beyond the edges of our daily routines. These overlooked and abandoned places, seemingly frozen in time, serve not only as reminders of the past, but as windows to a post-apocalyptic future, as ecosystems once proscribed by industry reassert their natural urge to grow and thrive amidst the wreckage of civilization.

As artists, we wish to reclaim our conquered world on our own terms, finding inspiration everywhere in order to breathe new life into the mundane landscapes we inhabit. The intentional adventure of urban exploration reveals feral spaces speckling the controlled environment we live in and move through. The images in this exhibit were the result of such forays into the unglamorous corners of the local landscape, past the no trespassing signs. Many of them were in fact painted on location in those very pockets of forbidden urban and suburban topography. They serve as quiet documents of the overlooked, inviting us to reconsider the ordinary or abandoned spaces in our surroundings: now devoid of humanity, yet still containing the markings and memory of life left behind.

escher_s folly.jpg

Escher's Folly

acrylic on panel 15"x20"



acrylic on panel 15"x20"


stairway to...


acrylic on canvas 11"x15"



acrylic on canvas 11"x15"


Swap pipe

acrylic on canvas 11"x15"



acrylic on canvas 11"x15"

from my window.jpg

From My Window

Acrylic on paner 15"x20"

ink drawing1 .jpg
ink drawing3.jpg
ink drawing2.jpg
ink drawing4 (1).jpg