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Evan currently splits his time between Philadelphia Tattoo Collective, a private studio in Atlanta, GA (Studio Recluse) and Knoxville, TN, (Born This Way Body Arts). He also makes time for traveling to conventions throughout the world.

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For many parents, the idea of their child becoming a tattoo artist would be a less than positive development. For Evan Lovett’s father it was a way to ensure that his son would stay out of trouble and learn the value of hard work. So, at the age of 16, his father, no stranger to tattoos, set him up with a friend that owned a tattoo shop to learn the trade.

Even went to the studio every day after school for a week and after just a few days was called his new boss’s station to tattoo his mentor! This wasn’t a shortcut into the profession but a test to see if he had it in him to actually tattoo another person. Evan passed the test and began his three year apprenticeship.

A year after finishing his apprenticeship, hungry for bigger and better things, he moved to the Philadelphia area to attend art school full time. Spending four years studying illustration and sculpture left a mark on his style of tattooing that can be seen in his work. 

It was around that time that Evan met and was tattooed by Sean Zee, a man that was to become an important influence and friend in Evan’s life. Zee was the first “artist that tattoos” that Evan had met, and that opened the door to the future of what could be done. Evan finally looked at tattooing not just as a job but as a medium. 

Since then Evan has befriended and teamed up with like minded artists, like Nick Baxter, who together co-founded, Entity a private studio in Austin, TX. Also had co-founded Studio Recluse with friend, Tony Mancia in Atlanta, GA. He also returns to his home, and was an important gear at Art Machine Productions until collaborating and settling at the Philadelphia Tattoo Collective with artists Ben Harris and Steve Bishov. This ever changing environment is what helps keep Evan sharp and continually pressing himself to develop further as an artist. 

While he was being coached by his friend Sean Zee, he was shown the benefit of doing a value study of his tattoos beforehand. This lead to his exploration of the usage of Sharpies in building up layer to show definition, shadow and highlights. What started as artistic experimentation soon became a trademark of his work flow. Many tattoos are drawn on and fully rendered on the skin, allowing a clear view of the direction of the piece.

Stylistically, Evan describes his tattooing as “naturalistic”, using the flow and style of nature to augment the rules of tattooing. When designing a tattoo, he aims to create a piece of art that flows and integrates with body as opposed to just sitting on top of it. His approach to drawing directly on the skin allows him to work with the area instead of on a flat sheet of paper, creating a dynamic tattoo that looks like it belongs on the body.

Even though traveling between 3 different tattooing locations may seem hectic, Evan still finds time to do a variety of conventions across the country. He enjoys meeting clients from all over the country as well as getting to meet and befriend fellow tattoo artists. Evan is extremely grateful for all his dedicated clients and looks forward taking on even more ambitious projects in the future.